Brigitta Hoeferle, CEO

Brigitta is one of our Master Trainers at the Institute and has been an avid follower of NLP for decades, implemented it in her teaching and directing career at the Montessori School of Cleveland which she founded in 2002. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who studied Richard Bandler’s and John Grinder’s Neuro-Lingiuistic Programing under Leif Roland, the founder of the NLP Institute of Atlanta.

Brigitta is known to be the most fast-tracked female trainer and former lead coach of the biggest self-development company in the world.

As the proud mother of Amélie and Ana and wife of Christian, The Culture Guy, Brigitta has always given her unique communication skills and NLP knowledge credit for her success.

Today she successfully leads her company with humility and knowledge, making a great difference in people’s lives. She has been invited to lead from stage in the art of listening and communicating based on the methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP). Brigitta shares the secret, the science, the system and the solution to supercharge YOUR success, especially the women who think they need to do it all by juggling verbal chainsaws in a male dominated world.

Brigitta has been working with companies and government agencies:

Kabbage Financial

Thinkzilla Consulting Group

The Rawls Group

TN Department of Education

TN Department of Health

Cleveland Bradley Chamber of Commerce

Boys & Girls Club Bradley Co

Codebreaker Technology

The Montessori School of Cleveland

The Montessori Alliance of Tennessee

Peak Potentials/New Peaks/Success Resources

Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education Audacity Magazine

Joel Roberts & Associates

Dream Coach, Marcia Wieder

Small Business Development Center

Millionaire Mind Academy

Thinkzilla Consulting Group

The Commerce Club Downtown Atlanta

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Christian Hoeferle, President

Christian Hoeferle is the subject matter expert and highly versed NLP trainer. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who studied Bandler’s and Grinder’s Neuro-Lingiuistic Programing under Leif Roland, the founder of the NLP Center of Atlanta, Christian has taught hundreds of adult student in the methodology of NLP.

Christian is also a cross-cultural business consultant and coach with extensive experience in working with multinational companies. He is the owner of The Culture Mastery, an Atlanta-based business consultancy.

His passion is to help people close the behavioral gaps locally, nationally, globally. Christian allows people to discover a deeper understanding of personalities and cultures, so they can work at their peak and in peace with each other.

German by birth, American by choice, and Bavarian at heart, Christian is a fan of building bridges and not enthusiastic about walls. Coming from a bilingual and bicultural background, Christian has been working on various levels of cultural consulting, coaching, training, and mentoring. He also hosts The Culture Guy Podcast, a web radio series addressing the needs and interests of global professionals.

Christian has been working with companies and government agencies:

Wacker Polysilicon

German Military

VW Plant Chattanooga

German American Chamber of Commerce

Johnson & Johnson


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Leif Roland

Leif Roland has a degree in psychology from Copenhagen University, Denmark and is a licensed professional counselor in Georgia. A member of The American Psychological Association, Georgia, Psychological Association and Licensed Professional Counselors Association.

Leif has over 30 years of experience as a certified Gestalt therapist and is also a certified NLP Trainer by the Society of NLP. He integrates into his style of therapy the Gestalt approach, Reichian bodywork, Bioenergetic and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is actively involved with the Gestalt Institute and the NLP Center of Atlanta’s training program, his private practice in adult psychotherapy, case consultation.

His work has also included part-time counseling and instruction at Memorial Medical Hospital (Savannah), Lutheran Counseling Services of Georgia, lecture and demonstrations at Georgia State University, teaching at Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, Atlanta and the Psychological Institute in Atlanta. Worked for the American Red Cross Disaster Team in New York and Guam, South Pacific.

He studied Gestalt at Esalen Institute in California with Anne Nechama Simkin, Dick Price and in New York with Laura Perls. Leif completed his NLP training in 1987 with Christina Hall, the President of the Society of NLP. Since then he has designed and orchestrated Gestalt training and NLP certification programs throughout Europe and in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the founder and Director of the NLP Center of Atlanta, co-founder and Director of the Gestalt Institute of Atlanta, where he is actively involved with the training program, his private practice in psychotherapy and case consultation.

His work in Georgia has also included part-time counseling, lecturing and instruction at:

Memorial Medical Hospital, Savannah

Georgia State University, Atlanta

Emory University Nursing School, Atlanta

Psychological Study Institute, Atlanta

Lutheran Counseling Service of Georgia

Georgia State College, Macon

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw

Mercer University, Atlanta

The Workers Public Schools in Denmark

American Red Cross disaster Team

Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia

Joshua Betancourt

Joshua Betancourt is a High-level Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, certified through the NLP Center of Atlanta. He carries 4th generation lineage to Richard Bandler “Co-Creator of NLP.”

As a Light Body Graduate through Luminessence and a Modern Mystery School Initiate / Adept under Megan Davenport he is equipped with deep strategies to serve his clients from the heart, with knowledge, intuition and expertise.

Joshua’s life’s work is centered around teaching people how to heal themselves through multiple modalities including aspects of physiology, energetics, internal processes, and self-realization. This unique approach to personal development and expansion is unlike anything that is currently offered in the world today.

“To those of you who are so fortunate to find this path I welcome you to the greatest of endeavors in one’s life, the adventure of self-discovery and self-realization.” – Joshua Betancourt

Joshua’s has 23 years of experience supporting hundreds of Fortune 500/100 Enterprise organizations with complex technology platforms, services and solutions, such as:



Bank of America

Gas South

Secure Works

Insight Global

Brookdale Sr. Living

Children’s Health Care of Atlanta


Car Financial

Mia Pal

NLP Master Trainer, Reiki Master, Founder & CEO of the World Coaching Center

One of the few International Speakers that puts her people before profit. As Author, NLP Master Trainer, NLP Success Coach and Reiki Master Mia stands out as heart centered business owner and leader.

Combining holistic and NLP techniques, sets Mia apart from other coaches & trainers. Being a Master Manifestor and influencer, she skillfully teaches and leads her clients toward success with knowledge & expertise. Growing up during the Balkan war, Mia culturally knows what it means to overcome adversities, uncertainty and challenges.

Her business expertise stems from her role of Project Manager of a Fortune 500 Company. Mia is implementing her leadership skills to build, train and diversify teams.

As you get to know Mia more personally, you quickly see the beautiful knowledge and strategies she offers.

Mia’s international credibility is rooted in The International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( She is an international certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

John Kurth

With nearly two decades of consummate success as a globally based sales trainer, businessman, and entrepreneur, it’s little wonder that Huntington Beach, California-based John Kurth is among the nation’s leading business coaches and grand-master of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

John earned a Master of International Management degree (International MBA) from Thunderbird. He also studied Language at Beijing University in China and earned certification as a Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) from the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in Cambridge, MA.

His work with thousands of sales executives, entrepreneurs, and salespeople within numerous industries, writing winning sales scripts for a multitude of industries, including Insurance, Financial Services, Computer/IT, Healthcare, Security, Logistics, and Network Marketing.

John’s award-winning success has made him a champion of business people around the world – and at home. As a member of his local Chamber of Commerce, he is among the locale’s most sought-after contributors to to its “Irvine Builds Businesses” program.

Teri-E Belf

Teri-E Belf, MA, CAGS, the world’s 1st MCC, is a purposeful coaching leader since 1987, recipient of the Global Coaching Leadership Award, and the 2018 ICF Circle of Distinction.

She offers coaching, coach training and mentoring on 5 continents. She founded and directs Success Unlimited Network® (SUN), with an accredited ICF ACTP rooted in life purpose and spirituality.

Teri-E’s passion for weaving in spiritual principles of ageless wisdom is expressed in her books, Coaching With Spirit, and Facilitating Life Purpose, 40+ Amazon publications including her newest, Demystifying Coaching, workshops, keynotes YouTube and media appearances, all revealing her contagious enthusiasm for coaching.

Since chairing the 1st ICF Committee that played a role in setting the foundation for the coaching profession, her favorite volunteering involves ethics to sustain the integrity of the profession.

As an Emissary of Purposeful Being, she inspires and guides people to take steps towards their dreams by inspiring authentic service to the sacred and discovering life purpose as a zip-line to essence in a practical consistent way.