Neuro Linguistic Behavior Mastery


The level of Mastery moves the student into the domain of artistry. The “alphabet” becomes the tool for developing multiple perceptions and synergistic “third level” change work. NLP Master training is increasing  your attainment of unconscious competence in Neuro Strategies.

The advanced NLP applications will catapult your success – both professionally and personally.


“NLP Practitioner is like learning to read music. NLP Master Practitioner is like playing by ear.”

Become more artful and discerning with the abilities you already have while you learn a whole new set of wide-ranging skills, organizing principles, and perceptions. This training will take your professional and personal evolution to new levels of artistry, specificity and subtlety.

Where the Practitioner Training teaches the alphabet of NLP, the Master Practitioner Training moves the student into the domain of artistry. The “alphabet” becomes the tool for developing multiple perceptions and synergistic “third level” change work. Master Practitioner training will speed your attainment of unconscious competence in NLP. Come and learn advanced NLP applications for use in both professional and personal contexts.

The training is based in the classic NLP Comprehensive curriculum developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

You’ll attain the skills of the Master Practitioner:


The Essence of NLP, and the primary emphasis of our Master Practitioner. From the very first day of the training, the focus is on modeling. You’ll learn to model behavior in any context, using two complementary approaches. You’ll complete a modeling project during the course of the training, taking the skill you model as well as the skill of modeling with you when you go.

Sub-modality Patterns:

How exactly does the brain code experience? Through sensory distinctions known as sub-modalities. You’ll learn to expand your use of sub-modalities – such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft – far beyond what you thought possible. You’ll achieve greater understanding of others’ thought processes. You’ll also employ sub-modalities to create personal change and to assist others in achieving change. You’ll learn a variety of advanced techniques for shifting unwanted states into desired results.

Advanced Language Patterns:

Over 30 Individual Language Patterns to Reframe Beliefs and Produce Change. Foster change and broaden understanding through the words you choose.


Meta Programs serve as our most fundamental “filters” for looking at the world. For example, when you quit your last job, did you leave so that you could move toward something? Or did you leave so that you could get away from something? When you volunteer for a project, what is more important to you: recognition from others or an internal sense of satisfaction? If you understand meta programs, you can discern people’s motivation strategies and help them achieve their goals.

Belief Changes:

One of the most fascinating and powerful areas of NLP is the ability to recognize and then change beliefs that may have unconsciously run our lives for decades. In order to deal with the myriad events and data available to us, we group our knowledge and experiences into manageable chunks by forming generalizations or beliefs.


Learning to utilize Timelines – the way people code time – can provide much needed answers.

Advanced Strategies:

Moving beyond the simple sequencing of rep systems.

A comprehensive training manual will be provided to guide participants through the course. The NLP Master Certification will be awarded to participants who successfully demonstrate competence in understanding and utilizing NLP techniques. Your progress and skill level will be monitored throughout the program with feedback and support given to help you reach a high level of proficiency. Each participant’s successful completion of this course at the level of NLP Master is granted certification as outlined by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.



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