The Center of NLP, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia was founded in 1986 by the renowned life Roland, therapist and NLP master trainer. Falling in direct lineage to Richard Bandler and being in great company with Anne Teachworth (Founder of the Gestalt Institute), Virginia Satir (Family Therapist) and Christina Hall (Society of NLP), Fritz & Laura Pearls (Founder of Gestalt Therapy), The Center was certified by the Society of NLP in 1986.

Christina Hall, 1986 at The NLP CENTER, Atlanta GA

Fritz Pearls, 1986

Laura Pearls, Anne Teachworthy & Leif Roland, 1986

With trainings offered within the United States and Europe, it quickly grew to an outstanding training center teaching ethical NLP practices to people all around the globe that seek to become quality listeners and honorable communicators.

Brigitta and Christian were mentored by Leif Roland over a decade and invested heavily in their further education to become renowned NLP grandmasters.
Their work with T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Robert Riopel, Blair Singer, Joel Roberts, Tonya Hofmann, Scott Schilling and so many other noble leaders and experts in their field made them the outstanding leaders in the field of ethical NLP Mastery they are today.

Brigitta & Christian Hoeferle

In 2017, The Hoeferle Powercouple took over the baton as they purchased The Center to continue the ethical NLP legacy.

In the first year the programs have double, then quadrupled, then the COVID pandemic hit and brought even more international clientele yearning for honest and quality communication and mindset training.
The outreach of our NLP Nation, home to the Center of NLP, has increased drastically in the past years, giving our alumni an opportunity to practice, share best practices and create deeper meaningful relationships.

Over the course of the pandemic, The Center has added numerous certifications and accreditation’s for added credibility.

As Malcolm Gladwell states in his book, Outliers, to become world class at anything one must put in more than 10,000 hours.
We agree with this statement and bring individually more than 30,000 hours of tireless practice, implementation and passionate work. We will add to Malcolm‘s statement that it takes applying the learnings of the feedback (some might call them failures, but we know that one law of NLP is “There is no failure only feedback”) received within this timeframe. Which makes us the sincere & heart centered experts that model the strategies taught here with integrity and in-depth knowledge.